Contemporary Come as You Are Worship

The Band Ladies

Getting ready for worship

Kenosha Parade Float

Contemporary music is a hallmark of Spirit Alive Church.  In the style of KLOVE radio, our music is positive and encouraging.  Our worship team band plays many types of music.  We desire the music we bring to worship to mean something to everyone and to bring people closer to God.  Some music we bring is straight up worship, singing glory and praise to God.  Some music is contemplative and speaks to the heart of our worshippers.  Our worship team is a group of dedicated musicians that are Spirit filled and we sincerely pray that God works through our voices and hands to bring you closer to Christ.  Some Sundays our worship team is comprised of a full band bringing music with both electric and acoustic guitars, drums, bass, electric or grand piano, electric violin, and vocalists.  Other Sundays we have just a guitar or piano accompanying our vocalists.

Our worship is come as you are.  No standards and no judgment here.  All are welcome.  Wear what you want.  Be who you are.  We love everyone.  We are here to seek and praise God and Jesus, embrace each other, and bring the Spirit alive!

Praising God in our new worship space