The worst memory or connection many of us have to ‘churches’ is the fact that they always seem to ask us for money. It leaves us with the image of TV Evangelists asking us (telling us) to give them money if we have faith or want to prosper. Right?? We do not like to connect ‘church’ with ‘money’. We just don’t.

However, the topic Jesus talks about more than anything else in the Gospels is…you guessed it…money. The reality is that ministry happens through the sharing of our time, our abilities, our skills, and yes…the sharing of our financial resources as well. Every ministry, association, or non-profit service group you can think of has a financial element to it. Spirit Alive is no different.

If you feel moved to financially support God’s work through Spirit Alive, you can give in person on a Sunday morning, drop an old fashioned check in the mail, or give through this website using the CLICK HERE link below. Your gift will go to supporting our ministry staff, youth efforts, children and family education, serving those in need in our community and beyond, rent for our worship and meeting spaces, copyright licenses for our music and videos, equipment, youth scholarships, and so much more!

We thank you for your support if you have chosen to give. We know that these days there are many other organizations doing great work, seeking volunteers and donations. Your support – whether time, talents or money – really makes a difference and changes lives. We hope you want to be part of that through Spirit Alive.


What to Expect Once You Hit ‘Click Here’:

  1. Create Profile (on right of page)
  2. Fill out all information
  3. Designate how much you feel called to give, set the frequency and start date
  4. Submit!

THANK YOU for your support of God’s ministry in this place! God Bless!! Still confused?  Click here for a brief step-by-step tutorial on setting up Simply Giving!

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